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    This is a method for people who care about time and efficiency. If it is important for you to perform a full treatment in one visit,
    then whitening with the Beyond Polus Advanced Lamp is the best solution.

    The teeth whitening system using a lamp is the gold standard of world aesthetic dentistry. These treatments are treated as treatments
    lunch, performed for patients during their break at work, before an important ceremony or a planned photo session.
    After qualifying the patient for whitening, the stages of the whole process are discussed. Lamp whitening treatments at Boutique Dental are performed with original, certified preparations and a fully professional Beyond Polus Advance lamp.

    This lamp has been winning rankings for many years as one of the best whitening systems in the world. It has an ultrasound system that allows you to reduce post-treatment hypersensitivity and remove up to 99% of bacteria in the oral cavity. Every patient has
    the ability to adjust the appropriate light intensity mode, which also protects against potential hypersensitivity. Effect
    whitening depends on the individual conditions of each patient.

    Bleaching is a chemical process that allows you to lighten the color of the enamel in a controlled way. Each whitening treatment is the sum of several components: the quality of the preparation, the susceptibility of the patient’s enamel to the whitening process and the device with which the treatment is performed. The original preparation, professional lama and trained staff are the basis for achieving good results.

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    Teeth whitening and effects?

    Bleaching, as we mentioned earlier, is a complex process. Depending on the initial color and the lack of contraindications for bleaching, we can assume that the color of the bleached enamel can be lightened even by several tones. To achieve the best whitening effect, we recommend combining 2 methods, i.e. overlay whitening and lamp whitening.

    The Beyond lamp in office whitening during a 30-minute session will perform an intensive oxidation process that brightens the enamel, while the overlays filled with gel with a lower concentration will perfectly stabilize the color and protect it for a longer time.

    Dead teeth whitening.

    Often, teeth after root canal treatment change color to a darker one. Dead teeth may differ from other teeth, which ultimately gives an unsightly effect. Before starting whitening, the doctor takes a control X-ray to assess whether the tooth has been properly treated with a root canal. If so, we can start the whitening process. The dentist has the ability to brighten dead teeth with a preparation applied to the tooth cavity for a few days. After the specified time of whitening, the patient appears for a follow-up visit to assess and decide whether it is possible to complete intracavitary whitening.

    Teeth whitening from what age?

    The safe age limit for whitening is 18 years old. This is primarily due to the fact that the enamel is fully developed. With age, the color of our teeth loses brightness, enters the range of yellow colors, which is why people over 25 decide to undergo whitening treatment more often.

    Teeth whitening how to prepare?

    The most important thing before starting teeth whitening is to perform a full cleaning of tartar and plaque. The hygienization procedure is the basis for any type of whitening. If you are a patient with carious cavities, consult your doctor before whitening. Often, whitening is a preparation for the replacement of fillings in the front teeth, so the dentist will be the right person to determine the order of planned visits.

    Teeth whitening at home?

    The safest home method of teeth whitening is tray bleaching and the use of a whitening toothpaste. It is not worth experimenting with soda, preparations from Chinese sites or other commands on Instagram. Let us remember that everything that comes into contact with our mouth, gums, tongue must have hygienic tests and be approved for use in the oral cavity. If you are interested in teeth whitening in Warsaw, we invite you for a consultation, we will choose the right way of home whitening individually tailored to your needs.


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    An extremely important, but often overlooked element of whitening is the use of a white diet.

    White diet – is a type of diet based on food products whose color does not have a dark color. To the ingredients
    excluded during the whitening process include: : black coffee, red wine, tomato sauce, curry or dark fruit. Yes
    as in the case of whitening with trays, if you do not know what can discolor your teeth during whitening with a lamp, use a simple
    white t-shirt technique. All the foods and drinks that can stain a white shirt can also stain your teeth.

    At Boutique Dental, whitening with the Beyond Advance Polus Lamp is divided into 2 stages:

    Stage 1: Start of the whitening session with 3 changes of Beyond whitening gel
    Duration: 60 minutes

    Stage 2: Post-treatment control 14 – 21 days after the end of whitening, taking into account the white diet.

    Duration: 20 minutes

    WE CAN ALSO COMBINE WHITENING TECHNIQUES – ask for an offer at Boutique Dental Reception!

    Contraindications :

    Whitening treatments are performed on people over 18 years of age

    we do not perform whitening treatments for pregnant women and nursing mothers

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