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    Sometimes it is impossible to save a tooth and unfortunately it must be removed. However, before the final decision is made, our team, based on the latest technologies and knowledge, conducts detailed diagnostics, thanks to which we are sure whether the procedure is necessary, but also safe and effective.

    Reasons for referring a patient for tooth extraction include:

    • extensive loss destroying the crown and root to an irreversible degree
    • fracture of the crown and/or tooth root
    • no prognosis in the treatment process
    • progressive inflammatory changes in the root tip, not regressing despite appropriate treatment
    • orthodontic indications

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    Stages of tooth extraction:

    1. Performing X-ray diagnostics
    2. Anesthetize the patient for comfort
    3. Loosening the tooth and separating it from the bone using appropriate surgical instruments
    4. Tooth extraction and socket cleaning
    5. Dressing the wound after the removed tooth – usually with a sterile gauze pad, in some cases it is advisable to put sutures.

    How to prepare for the procedure?

    First of all, the most important thing is to choose the right doctor. Dental extraction procedures are performed by dentists, in the case of difficult extractions it is important to seek help from a specialist in the field of dental surgery. The experience of such a doctor allows the procedure to be carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

    To properly assess the position of the tooth, a radiological examination should be performed. The basic examination we perform is a digital pantomogram, a flat 2D photo of all teeth and both dental arches or a single spot photo.

    Many patients use the possibility of pre-treatment consultation with a specialist. It allows you to discuss the treatment process and determine its stages. On the day of the procedure, you should eat your last meal at least 1 hour before the procedure, this is mainly due to the body’s preparation for anesthesia. In individual cases, the procedure is performed in the so-called “antibiotic cover”, which involves taking the antibiotic recommended by the doctor.

    How long does the tooth removal procedure take?

    Everything depends on the complexity of the procedure. The average time we plan for a patient is between 20 and 40 minutes.

    Comfort is also important during surgical procedures.

    Regardless of the scale and type of surgery, even the smallest surgical intervention is performed under local anesthesia.


    • avoiding physical exertion for the next 3-4 days
    • giving up drinks and foods with high temperature and high hardness
    • conscientious oral hygiene, gentle rinsing after 2 days after the procedure so as not to wash out the clot
    • cold compresses – as recommended by the doctor
    • taking medications as determined by the surgeon
    • removal of sutures (if they were applied after the procedure) after approx. 7 days


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