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    Boutique Dental is a unique space where we combine a high level of services with care and time devoted only to you.

    The pace of life is increasing and we stopped for a moment so that after 15 years of working with the patient we could look at everything anew. We know one thing, we don’t want to rush! We want to do our job well, accurately and fully responsibly by signing it. You will not meet many people in our office, we have planned our work so that intimacy and privacy are a priority.

    Boutique Dental is a place inspired by experience and traditions handed down in the spirit of respect and empathy. We will adjust the booking time to your needs so that the treatment does not extend to many visits. We are practitioners who focus on comprehensive treatment. We know that haste is part of the life of every patient and most offices, which is why we want to plan your treatment wisely, so that you can also arrange your calendar in peace.

    Our offer allows you to perform many dental works, including digital prosthetics, even in 24 hours. We also specialize in complex cases of root canal treatment under a microscope and aesthetic metamorphosis with Enamel Bio composite.


    Team Boutique Dental

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