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    What does the word aesthetic mean? In our understanding, it is the reconstruction of damaged tooth tissues in the most natural way, imitating healthy teeth, and at the same time correcting their imperfections if necessary. Modern composite materials offer us a number of possibilities using minimally invasive techniques – this means that we do not have to “saw” teeth where it is not absolutely necessary. Modern composite materials are optically indistinguishable from natural enamel after insertion. The composite materials on which our doctors work are called liquid enamel. The dentists at Boutique Dental use the method of layered tooth reconstruction, which makes the composite fillings durable and look extremely natural. 


    Endodontic treatment – this is a treatment involving the elimination of inflammation inside the diseased tooth. The inflammation mentioned above is usually manifested by severe pain. The moment of appearance of pain depends on the size of the defect and infected tissues. Often, along with the toothache itself, the patient may also expe-rience headache and sensitivity to hot and cold foods. 


    This is a field of dentistry that has turned into a passion lasting over 15 years. Every day it allows you to create works, thanks to which you can give smiles to others. Our specialists explore the latest and most aesthetic possibilities of solutions for prosthetic restorations. We are sure that they meet the high requirements of our patients and give a sense of comfort while eating.  


    The hygienists at Boutique Dental are dental mentors, showing the way to good hab-its of daily oral care. We start with the basics of prophylactic procedures, commonly known as scaling, i.e. the removal of hardened plaque with the use of ultrasound and a properly selected working tip. The next stage is the elimination of unsightly coffee or tea discolorations using a sandblaster. This device perfectly ejects fine “sand” to-gether with water under high pressure, allowing you to extract the natural color of the enamel from under the sediment. Both ultrasonic scaling and sandblasting are the gold standard in maintaining proper oral hygiene. EMS devices with the latest Japa-nese technology and precision will allow you to safely perform your treatments.  


    The teeth whitening system using a lamp is the gold standard of world aesthetic dentis-try . These treatments are treated as lunch treatments, performed to patients during their break at work, before an important ceremony or a planned photo session. After qualifying the patient for whitening, the stages of the entire process are discussed.


    It happens that saving a tooth is impossible and, unfortunately, despite treatment at-tempts, we are forced to remove the tooth. However, before the final decision is made, our team, based on the latest technologies and knowledge, conducts detailed diagnostics, thanks to which we are sure whether the procedure is necessary, but also safe and effective in the planned treatment.
    Dental surgery is not only about removing a tooth, it is a lot of precise procedures that require specialist doctors, great experience and precision. The knowledge and skills of our surgeon allow us to provide patients with a full range of surgical ser-vices, from simple tooth extraction to implantology and bone regeneration


    Implant placement is a procedure thanks to which we can recover the missing tooth / teeth without interfering with the patient’s natural dentition. In contrast to bridge-type restorations and the need to grind adjacent teeth, thanks to the implantation tech-nique, we have the possibility of making a single tooth restoration 1:1 – taking into account a single missing / missing tooth.
    The technology of implanting the implant consists in introducing an artificial root, i.e. a tooth implant, into the bone, and then, after a period of healing and integration with the bone, the prosthetic part, i.e. making a prosthetic crown, takes place.
    Integration of the implant with the bone in the jaw takes about 6 months, while if the implant was implanted in the mandible, its integration time is about 3 months.
    The implantation procedure itself is usually much less invasive than tooth extraction and does not require any special preparation on the part of the patient. However, if the attending physician decides to provide the patient with antibiotic protection, the patient will be informed in advance.
    Implantologists at Boutique Dental work on implants from the Israeli company MIS and the Swiss company THOMMEN. These technologies are among the most innova-tive and advanced companies for physicians. They are made of high-quality titanium, safe and adapted to the implantation requirements that are intended for long-term use by the patient