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    Implant placement is a procedure thanks to which we can recover the missing tooth / teeth without interfering with the patient’s natural dentition. In contrast to bridge-type restorations and the need to grind adjacent teeth, thanks to the implantation technique, we have the possibility of making a single tooth restoration 1:1 – taking into account a single missing / missing tooth.

    The technology of implanting the implant consists in introducing an artificial root, i.e. a tooth implant, into the bone, and then, after a period of healing and integration with the bone, the prosthetic part, i.e. making a prosthetic crown, takes place.

    Integration of the implant with the bone in the jaw takes about 6 months, while if the implant was implanted in the mandible, its integration time is about 3 months.

    The implantation procedure itself is usually much less invasive than tooth extraction and does not require any special preparation on the part of the patient. However, if the attending physician decides to provide the patient with antibiotic protection, the patient will be informed in advance.

    Implantologists at Boutique Dental work with Israeli MIS and Swiss THOMMEN implants. These technologies are among the most innovative and advanced companies for implantologists who prefer to work with conical implants. They are made of high-quality titanium, safe and adapted to the implantation requirements that are intended for long-term use by the patient. The conical shape, tapering downwards, allows for much more space for the bone regeneration process in the place where the implant is inserted.

    At Boutique Dental, we combine implantological treatments with bone regeneration, bone supplementation and prosthetic reconstruction on implants. Implantologists have experience in treating patients from abroad.

    Often, the beginning of treatment planning is an online consultation and a telephone conversation. We plan simple and complicated treatment. We complete single teeth and multiple teeth.

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