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    Caring for the condition of the teeth in a holistic approach complements and increases the guarantee and the sense of general psychophysical well-being, which we call health. Can you schedule it when you are visiting our office?

    Where does caries come from?

    The remaining plaque in the form of a white coating penetrates the enamel through bacteria spreading over the entire surface of the tooth. The progressing carious process irreversibly damages the enamel, reaching the dental pulp, whose innervation and numerous blood vessels give a sense of discomfort in the oral cavity.
    How will we solve your problem?

    Although the caries process is irreversible, thanks to the prompt intervention of the doctor and proper oral hygiene, we have a high probability of stopping the caries and rebuilding the damaged tissues.

    At Boutique Dental, all specialists with great care, taking into account the anatomy of the patient’s teeth, rebuild damaged tooth tissues. We use the best composite fillings practiced in restorative dentistry, containing porcelain additions, so that the level of aesthetics is as high as possible.


    Enamel BIO Line is a line of modern restorative dentistry products that do not contain toxic Bis-GMA resin, which comes from the group of BPA products, which is an organic compound of phenols used in the production of plastics.
    Taking care of the biological safety of our patients, we have created a full range of highly aesthetic composite fillings.

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