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    FIRST IMPRESSION – THE FIRST VISIT is the most important.

    This applies to both the patient-doctor relationship and the doctor-patient relationship. Trust is the highest value that a medical team can receive from a patient. We are a boutique office, performing treatments in the spirit of tradition and respect for our patients. You won’t meet a crowd of busy medics and lost patients with us, the tasteful and quiet space allowed for a moment of preparation for the procedure. The patient’s guardian will help you go through the administration and brew a cup of delicious coffee.

    If you are visiting us for the first time, your visit will look like this:

    1. The doctor will conduct a consultation and get to know your needs
    2. We will perform radiological examinations such as pantomogram or tomography
    3. The hygienist will perform the procedure of cleaning the teeth from tartar and sediment to be able to start treatment
    4. A treatment plan will be established – which will allow you to visualize your needs

    In four steps, we will prepare you to start cooperation with Boutique Dental. Remember that you can choose whether you feel like reducing the amount of light or listening to your favorite music during treatment.

    Welcome to Boutique Dental.

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