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    Pain-free treatment

    Have you ever thought about why visits to the dentist are one of the most disliked?

    If you were to consider what really makes you feel uncomfortable at the thought of surgery, what would it be?

    What if I told you that we had the same feeling when we crossed the threshold of our doctor’s office? We want to say that a special zone was created dedicated to you, taking care of your senses, so that you don’t have to feel pain, so that you overcome your fears before meeting us.

    We want to put you in a comfort zone, take care of your senses, so that the experiences you experience at Boutique Dental never build tension in you and at the same time allow you to achieve inner peace during therapy. Our senses allow us to determine the mood and state of mind we are in at a given moment. The stimuli we receive from the environment are directly transmitted to our brain in the form of nerve impulses, through carriers called receptor cells. Each sense transmits information to our internal computer in a different way – giving a signal to act