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    This is a field of dentistry that has turned into a passion lasting over 15 years. Every day it allows you to create works, thanks to which you can give smiles to others. Our specialists explore the latest and most aesthetic possibilities of solutions for prosthetic restorations. We are sure that they meet the high requirements of our patients and give a sense of comfort while eating.
    To meet your aesthetic expectations, we have resigned from prosthetic restorations based on a metal foundation. We want you to enjoy the aesthetics to the full and feel at ease when meeting friends.
    The speed of the work is ensured by the technical laboratory, which is created by people with passion and great talent. Unlimited imagination and creativity allow you to build from porcelain what you want to recreate in the most natural and anatomical way.

    What challenges does today’s dental prosthetics face:

    • A single tooth is missing
    • Several teeth missing
    • Total lack of teeth

    Our prosthetic team will create a work plan and replace missing teeth in a timely manner, tailored to your needs, by performing e.g. single crowns on crown-root inlays or reconstructing missing teeth on implants.
    Each treatment is individually tailored to the needs of our patient.


    When planning prosthetic works, we focus primarily on your comfort 3 in 1:

    Full digital diagnostics with low radiation dose
    Dental scanner – no unpleasant impressions
    Milling the crown in the office workshop, without waiting for the next visit to be able to leave with a beautiful smile. When we work – you can drink coffee.


    What is its superiority over classical methods? The difference between a classic impression and a scan? Possibilities of modern prosthetic restorations. Digital art focuses on transferring all kinds of laboratory work into the virtual world. Starting from creating a smile, designing restorations and, of course, ending with their creation. Thanks to the intraoral scanner, we can transfer situations from the patient’s mouth 1:1 directly to the computer and there, through a special prosthetic and architectural graphic program, work on future prosthetic restorations. The scan itself is a relatively quick and uncomplicated process, but most importantly, it is not burdensome for the patient.

    Designing works immediately after scanning on a computer screen allows you to skip the stages that in classic prosthetics were subject to a high risk of errors and significantly shortens the time of completing the work. When taking classic impressions, it was necessary to cast z plaster models, and only then it was possible to start designing the actual work. Most often, special wax was used, which was then replaced with the desired materials. Unfortunately, at each of these stages, there could be a distortion resulting from the properties of materials such as slight shrinkage or incorrect surface mapping. By downloading the scan, we control and compare the obtained image with the actual situation in the patient’s mouth, thanks to which we can easily capture all the desired surfaces of the teeth and mucosa. The model is created on a regular basis on the monitor screen, so it does not have to be cast using gypsum, which is inscribed in our spirit of ecology and care for the environment.

    Immediately after the scan, we can proceed to the design of the prosthetic supplement. An individual project is sent to a digital milling machine, which cuts out a work of the desired shape from a properly selected material. In the digitized world of prosthetics, we do not use trays and impression materials, so there is no problem with the gag reflex or fear of choking with the mass.

    In boutique prosthetic art, we can use any materials, but most often we use pure ceramics and zirconia. We gave up on metal-based restorations. We care about the maximum aesthetics of the work, and both of these materials can provide it. The milling machine has the ability to create large extensive bridges as well as single crowns. It all depends on the need and
    patient expectations.

    Do you think you can have a beautiful, aesthetic tooth crown, designed and created in 1 day?  The answer is yes!

    Plan a day in your calendar when you can visit us and we will take care of you comprehensively.

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