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    BOUTIQUE DENTAL is a dental space that focuses primarily on diagnosis and treatment that avoids painful and long-lasting therapy.


    Is the first biomimetic system to treat early caries by regenerating enamel.

    Its revolutionary Monomer-Peptide technology is based on a simple peptide, made of naturally occurring amino acids. On application by dentists or dental hygienists*, it diffuses into the depth of early carious lesions within 5 minutes and self-assembles into a biomatrix, similar to the natural enamel matrix. The biomatrix then attracts calcium and phosphate ions from saliva to form hydroxyapatite, thus enabling Guided Enamel Regeneration within the lesion.

    Rebuilds the tooth from the inside – without pain and/or drilling. It is suitable for all ages and can be used by the dentist in the office in less than 15 minutes.


    Developed in Switzerland and backed by over 25 years of research, vVARDIS technology is based on peptide science, protein components known for their regenerative properties.

    SWISS SCIENTISTS have patented a process that imitates nature to create new hydroxyapatite crystals, enabling something that was previously unimaginable: THE REGENERATION OF TISSUE THAT HAS BEEN POSSIBLE TO REPEAT – THIS IS THE RECONSTRUCTION OF ENAMEL. 

    The versatile and innovative technology of Swiss manufacturers of the preparation can meet a wide range of patient’s oral health needs, both in the dentist’s office and at home.


    The BIOACTIVE preparation is an innovative and painless solution for stopping and regenerating tooth decay.


    • CAMERA DIAGNOSTICS – A DIAGNOSTIC CAMERA “x-rays” the tooth, and the area attacked by caries is visible as dark spots. The tooth is used as an optical fiber. A video camera records the image and transfers it to the screen in real time. COMPLETELY WITHOUT THE USE OF X-RAYS, thanks to this test it can be repeated with detailed frequency also in pregnant women.
    • PREPARATION, after diagnosis with a camera scanning teeth, the doctor marks those whose caries is at the initial stage. Next, he prepares the treatment area for the carious lesion with a special gel.
    • REATMENT is the application of a monomer-peptide preparation to the area affected by caries. This application resembles stamping the diseased enamel with a miniature sponge.
    • RECOMMENDATIONS AFTER THE TREATMENT, therapy is not only the treatment itself in the chair, but also the activities after it is performed at home. The patient receives a full set of recommendations and preparations to maintain the quality of the environment in the oral cavity for the regeneration of enamel.



    • adult patients after diagnosed initial caries
    • pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers
    • teenagers

                                                                                      DENTAL Anti-Aging

    Appropriate oral hygiene and treatment are the basis for maintaining good health of teeth and soft tissues. Our boutique offer also includes additional support for patients, which is a series of care cosmetics.

    VARDIS Aletsch contains the highest concentration of the Hydroxya-Peptide technology among our daily use oral care products.products. Aletsch is a one-week intensive treatment for your teeth, which creates a layer of new, white tooth enamel while simultaneously protecting and strengthening your teeth. The concentrated peroxide-free formula covers all superficial imperfections and brightens teeth by natural means without sensitivity or gum irritation. vVARDIS Aletsch works on natural teeth as well as crowns, fillings and veneers. Our serum is equally suitable for teenagers. Without fluoride.

    Butikowa przestrzen stomatologiczna. Stworzona z mysla o pacjentach ceniacych spokoj prywatnosc i wysoki poziom opieki medycznej. 4


    Butikowa przestrzen stomatologiczna. Stworzona z mysla o pacjentach ceniacych spokoj prywatnosc i wysoki poziom opieki medycznej. 2

    DIAGNOSTIC CAMERA effectively finds places attacked by caries. The above case of being recognized only by the eye – in the context of application – is directly accessible.

    Photo (A) shows small premolars that appear healthy. No dentist would suspect tooth decay there. connection to the image taken by the diagnostic camera:

    Photo (B) may be in dark places (caries on the right and left side). They can only be found in the available space in the search image. When using an X-ray image, the anterior area cannot be used because the so-called interference. 

    Photo (C). This is a phenomenon that is often used. In the case of a solution such as ten, it is not possible to end the treatment by reaming the tooth. Here, methods of applying a Swiss technology monomer-peptide preparation to restore the mineralization layer or infiltrating porous layers are indicated.

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