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    Oral Hygiene & Whitening

    Taking care of proper oral hygiene may seem like a simple matter, considering the availability of dental products in pharmacies or drugstores.

    However, do you feel confident when faced with the challenge of choosing the best toothbrush or toothpaste for you?
    How many minutes should you brush your teeth and what brushing style should you choose?

    The hygienists at Boutique Dental are dental mentors, showing the way to good habits of daily oral care.

    We start with the basics of prophylactic procedures, commonly known as scaling, i.e. the removal of hardened plaque with the use of ultrasounds and a properly selected working tip.

    The next stage is the elimination of unsightly discoloration after coffee, tea and cigarettes, using a sandblaster. This device perfectly ejects under high pressure fine flavored “sand” together with water, allows you to extract the natural color of the enamel from under the sediment.

    Both ultrasonic scaling and sandblasting are the gold standard in maintaining proper oral hygiene. EMS devices with the latest Japanese technology and precision will allow you to safely perform your treatments.

    Once your smile is fully cleaned, we can think about the next steps.

    If you care about a white smile, you want to dazzle your friends at an evening dinner, we will help make your dream come true.
    We offer two solutions that will whiten your teeth.

    Overlay whitening – taking into account the fact that your teeth have been properly cleaned and we have no contraindications to start whitening, we can start planning this procedure. Whitening with trays is a process consisting of activities in the dental office and at home.
    This is a treatment for conscientious and disciplined patients. It is appreciated by people suffering from hypersensitivity and frequent travelers. A set of two splints, made individually on the basis of taken prosthetic impressions and whitening gels, can fit in a small travel cosmetic bag.

    Thanks to this solution, whitening is possible even at the end of the world.
    You just need to remember to apply gel to the overlays every evening and repeat this activity for a minimum of 7 days. In the event of post-treatment discomfort, a day off should be taken and anti-hypersensitivity preparations should be used.

    Whitening with the Beyond Polus Advanced lamp – an alternative for those who are in a hurry. The latest in-office whitening technology, thanks to the combination of UV, IR waves and small ultrasounds, allows you to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The original whitening gel by Beyond, a leader on the global market, provides a sense of comfort and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. The whitening process itself allows the patient to relax for 45 minutes while the hygienist works to ensure the full success of the treatment.

    The effectiveness of both techniques increases when patients fully consciously follow the post-treatment recommendations – including practicing a white diet, lasting about 10 days. Important rule! If you don’t know what you can eat during whitening and what foods to include in it, then think about what can stain your white t-shirt.

    The ideal solution is a combination of both whitening techniques:

    Activation and brightening of teeth during the Beyond Lamp treatment
    Overlay whitening at home for 7 days
    Using the whitening toothpaste for the next 3 weeks
    Contraindications to teeth whitening:

    Carious cavities
    Poor oral hygiene
    Supplementation of iron preparations
    High hypersensitivity to whitening preparations
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